Dr. Maik Veste


I am plant physiological ecologist and like very much to work outdoors in extreme environmental conditions. Therefore I developed my interest for short-term acclimation and long-term adaptation of plants to changing environmental conditions in order to understand the impact of environmental conditionIMG_1219s on basic physiological processes and their response to biotic and abiotic stresses. I studied the adaptation of desert plants to high temperature and drought stress, but also the winter photosynthesis of evergreen trees.

I spent many years in the Succulent Karoo (South Africa), the Namib desert (Nambia), the Negev (Israel) and other drylands to carry out long-term research projects on dryland ecology. Here, I studied photosynthesis, gas exchange, soil-plant interactions of desert plants as well the ecologcial functions of biological soil crusts.

Presently, the research focus is on ecophysiology and ecosystem processes of short-rotation coppies and agroforestry systems, trees physiology and bioenergy crops in the temperate zone of Europe and in drylands of South Africa. The research range from physiological processes inside the plants to studies on soil-plant and plant-atmosphere interactions within ecosystems. A key question is the integration of plant ecophysiology into ecosystem functioning.

Northern Cape
Desert research in South Africa

More informations please visit my homepageĀ Ecology-Climate.De