Agroforestry systems and crop production

Agroforestry systems in form of planted hedgerows have a long-term tradition as land-use systems in various European landscapes, primary in Denmark, North Germany and England. Planting of trees and shrubs into agricultural systems have economical benefits as they provide timber and and fuelwood and other products. It is well recognized, that these shelterbelts enhance biodiversity and have positive effects on the ecosystem functioning. In those contemporary agroforestry systems, selection of tree species and their management are more economically oriented towards an optimizing biomass production, use and harvest, especially in short-rotation systems for bioenergy.

During summer 2016 we investigate the impact of hedgerows on microclimate and crop production in an agroforestry system in Brandenburg. First results will be presented at the 59. Annual meeting of the “Gesellschaft für Pflanzenbauwissenschaften e.V.” in Giessen in September 2016.